Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Wanderers

Well, it's been almost 2 months since we said goodbye to the Fox and Hounds. Bill and I torment each other every time we pass by the darkened building by saying "Wanna stop in to the Fox for a nightcap?" The answer is, of course, always "Yes!"
The Tower Table Gang is still orphaned, searching for a place to land. We have checked out a few places, such as:
Northern Lakes - Location is good. Drinks are slightly pricier in some cases. Cigars are welcome. Bar is a bit bright. They do have a few high-tops in the corner that could accomodate a larger group. It can get a bit "fishy" in there. Staff is competent.
Charlie's Crab - Bar is not really conducive to a large group. Drink prices are comparable to the Fox, but their liqour selection is lacking. The staff can't compare at all to the Fox. Cigars are welcome.
Forte - With a gaggle of former Fox and Hounds staff, this is quickly becoming Bill's and my favorite lunch place. Needless to say, the staff is what we expect - Great! Evenings are a bit trickier with rush hour traffic. Cigars are welcome. Free 2-hour parking in the structure behind the theater. Has a couple of areas that could accomodate a group.
Morton's - Costs are slightly higher than the Fox. Cigars are welcome. Staff is good. It's possible to fit a larger group, though probably not the whole gang.
Maggiano's - We had a "field trip" here on Friday night. We were able to fit 9 people comfortably and could take over more tables to fit more. The drink prices were reasonable. The staff was competent. Not sure about cigars here.
Heroes - Jeff, Julie, Bill and I checked this place out a month, or so, ago. Certainly not fancy. Drink prices are very reasonable. There are a couple of spots in the bar area that could accomodate our group. The staff, if not always professional, is friendly.

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